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Precision therapeutics to target the underlying mechanisms of pain

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Introducing Doloromics

Doloromics evensions a world without pain where precision medicines alleviate human suffering.

Our team of the world's leading pain experts is developing novel therapeutics using our proprietary platform that is built on a foundation of datasets of human neuronal tissues.

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The Current Problem

Effective treatments for pain are not making it to patients that suffer because therapeutics are failing to target underlying mechanisms.

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Chronic Pain
Chronic Pain
Chronic Pain

Why Doloromics

Using a human-first approach, Doloromics has built a proprietary computational and human cell-based platform, DOLOReS, to identify targets and develop precision therapeutics that target pain at the source.

Meet the ground-breaking team!

Candler Paige, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Jackson Brougher, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Christopher Flores, PhD

Chief Research and Development Officer

Lucas Rodriguez, PhD

Chief Business Officer

Theodore Price, PhD

Art Director

Dale George, PhD

Head Research Scientist

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Our Publications

A ligand-receptor interactome platform for discovery of pain mechanisms and therapeutic targets

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Scientist Transforms Research into Life-Changing Therapeutics

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Big idea: How this startup uses algorithms to find new pain drugs

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How a map of cell signaling networks could identify new targets for pain drugs

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